Darryl Bates

Nice fun logo for a hairdressing salon in Manchester. I was lucky with this one as this went from idea to sign off in a really short time. It also helps when the initials look like a pair of scissors!!

Woodlands Guest House

This one is an old favourite of mine, Woodlands Guest House is a small hotel located in Wales that 
was after a new logo and brand. One of the things the owners wanted was for this logo not to look 
like the usual B&B hotel. I love how the X height of the d and l work together to make the trunk of the tree. A small vertical line was added to distinguish the 2 letters.

Hospitality Logo

A challenge I set myself a few months back was to create a hospitality brand for the football club. This brand would give all of the suites and rooms at the stadium a consistent look and feel. As you can see below, the logo is created by adapting the basic shape of the Stoke City crest to make it look like a wine glass. There is also a subtle nod to the crest using the 2 stripes to make up the neck of the glass.

Double up!

After a few minor tweaks the logo I had been working on was eventually approved. Luckily, the basis of the design was approved and it was just a small change to the colours (reversed from the submission piece) and a word change... easy enough!!

Below is one of the launch pictures taken last week and the next phase of the campaign, posters placed around the local area and Tesco Extra.

Final Concept

Below is the final concept which will be sent off for approval. In my eyes it ticks all the boxes. Uses the colour scheme as requested in the brief and uses the key element. 
'Match Up' will hopefully be seen as a play on words too; a. the Football Club (playing a match) and b. when consumers purchase specific items doing their grocery shop, the club will 'match' those purchases and donate to the food bank.
We will wait and see...

2nd step

After scribbling some ideas down on paper its time to move to the computer. From the brief I know a few things; The client is after a red and blue colour scheme. A shopping trolley or something similar needs to be incorporated into the design.

Font wise I want a bit of slab/ thick typeface which is friendly and welcoming.

Logo process

Firstly, let me apologise for my poor drawing skills...

When putting some designs down for a new logo I will always start with a 10-15 minute doodle session, writing down key words associated with the project. Along with the initial brief, this will hopefully sparks some ideas. The one below is for a potential charity/ community project for a local food bank. 

This then (if an idea sticks) will get transferred to the computer where the scribbles will hopefully start to take shape. Luckily for this one I think a solid logo has come out the other end. We will just have to see what happens when I come to present this in the next couple of days!

Interior Design

This logo was created for an interior designer and joiner based in the North West. 
Simple but effective, the 'H' works perfectly by just tweaking one part of the letter to create a chimney. There is also a nice use of negative space in the letter to create a door. To keep the logo as simple as possible a door handle of extra bits were intentionally left out.

A blast from the past

Before the circular logo I created a logo which had a lot more structure to it. Time was taken to match the letters together, and getting the angles '100% right' As mentioned in my bio above, I love trying to find a way to get shapes and letters to flow. This can mean that time is taken painstakingly widening individual anchor points on each outlined letter so it matches the forms above.
If I can find the prep work that went into this design, its one to definitely show!!

Say Yes To Steak

That is all!!

(Couldn't resist this one, and I did warn you!!!)

Tickets! Get Your Tickets!

As well as the full page advert in the local paper, we also used banner spaces on the accompanying website to advertise the game. A couple of examples can be seen below. A similar look and feel was kept over the print and online adverts, punctuating the opposition colours which stood out pretty well against the black/ grey background. The crest and kit shows the viewer quickly the advert is associated with the football club.

Brand Refresh

SCOBA is a unique club where former Stoke City players get together and support each other and support local charities. Since being formed SCOBA had been using a modified version of the Stoke City crest. 

This version wasn't exactly an approved design and was in need of a little care and attention. Firstly to try and smarten it up and secondly to get it to fit in with the clubs own brand guidelines. (Left hand design is the original. Right is the new design now in use)

Ticket advert

IIn the run up to the game against Manchester City, a full page advert was placed in the local newspaper. Using strong imagery of passionate and celebrating fans a simple and straight to the point advert was created. 

Besides a little photoshopping from myself to delete some swearing fans, the image was taken by the club photographer 

My My My

Found this little gem on an old blog of mine. It was part of a larger project but I love the curves and how the 2 letters interact with each others. I might have to dig out the rest of the project and see if I can finish it just so I can see the end results!